SENIOR SCHOOL          


    Started in 2001, St. Nicholas Senior School was established to cater for the needs of students who finish class eight (for 8.4.4 system)and Class 7 and class 8(for IGCSE) in both our primary schools and other schools in Nairobi. Senior school has seen the birth of A levels Wing.

    St. Nicholas senior school is located off Ngong Road, on Kabarnet Lane. The school is set on a 5 acre land next to former president’s residence, less than 3 km from the city center. It is about 10 minutes drive from the city center.

     Set in a hospitable, serene environment, the school has one supreme objective, to give high quality education to Kenyan and international pupils and students aimed at preparing them for future challenges. The school is committed to ethical, moral and spiritual principles.

     Students are prepared for  International General Certificate for Secondary Education (IGCSE), Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) and Form 5 and Form 6 Examinations(A levels). The academic calendar for KCSE runs from January to November when KCSE exams are undertaken. Academic year for IGCSE students and A levels starts in September and ends in July.

     We believe that every child is an achiever and look at each student individually to help them realize their potential.

     The school has the following departments headed by highly qualified and dedicated teachers to help in its smooth running:

    *      Science Department

    *      Humanities Department

    *      Teachers’ Welfare Department

    *      Exams Department

    *      Information Technology Department

    *      Registration and Orientation of Students Department

      A-LEVELS(AS level and A2 level)

      Students take AS and A2 level courses that lead to the respective examinations. This is meant to prepare students for University admission in Kenya and international universities.

      We offer a wide range of subjects and the choice depends on the career choice of the student. The subjects include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, Economics And Accounting. The A level block is equipped with a science laboratory, ICT laboratory and a wide range of sporting facilities.

      The members of staff are qualified and experienced . A levels (year 12 and year 13) are equivalent to Key Stage 5.





Shirts                                 white long sleeves         
Trousers                             dark brown         
waistcoat                             checked waistcoat with badge          
Tie                                        school checks       
Blazer                                   checked blazer with badge        
Socks                                    dark brown

Shoes                                     brown

Blouses                                   white 3/4 Sleeves
Trousers                                 Beige
waistcoat                                 checked waistcoat with Badge
Skirts                                       Beige (on order)
Scarf                                         school checks
Socks                                       beige
Blazer                                      Checked blazer with badge

shoes                                        brown


Students are expected to be in games uniform.


Shirts                                    peach long sleeves       
Trousers                               Black                  
Tie                                        Black     
Blazer                                   Maroon        
Socks                                    black

Shoes                                    black

Blouses                                  peach long sleeves
Trousers                                 Black
Skirts                                       Black (on order)
Socks                                       black
Blazer                                      Maroon

shoes                                        Black

A levels P.E Uniform

Students are expected to be in games uniform.

Tracksuit                               School Pattern

T- shirt                                   White with Print

Socks                                      White

Shoes                                       White Training/ Sports Shoes


Applicants  to must Senior School  KCSE Section be holders of KCPE certificates
or its equivalent with points agreed on by the Board.

Students transferring from other schools should come with
the latest academic reports and a leaving certificate. They
then take an entrance test.